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Vojvode Stepe 352, 11000 BEOGRAD
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Marija Desivojević-Cvetković, direktor

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Opis delatnosti
The core business segments of Verano Invest Projects are: Concepts, Development, Management and Assets. These four components correspond completely to the life cycle of a property. We envision it, we make it and we make sure it is operated and owned effectively.

All our projects have to do with buildings, whether existing or yet to
be constructed, but the emphasis always remains on their function and, more important, how people function, perform and feel at home in them. The actual construction process must be carried out expertly and reliably, and so we work with only the very best in the construction industry.

Verano Invest has selected a new approach to complex property projects, revolving around the integral project management of initial concepts via market research and leasing to realization and long-term involvement. We are a long-term partner for the users of our sites, but also for and with the local government.
We realize that our projects have a societal impact. Our society and way of living is changing which will affect our residences, workspaces, recreation and the way we are doing business. We want to conceive solutions to these changing demands.

We are a long-term investor, in buildings, in new concepts and especially, in our business relationships.