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SBE19-Thessaloniki-Sustainability in the built environment for climate change mitigation

Organizator: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

23.10-25.10.2019 , Grčka
(Foto: Moon Light PhotoStudio/shutterstock.com)

23.10.2019. -25.10.2019.

Following the SBE16-Thessaloniki conference, SBE19-Thessaloniki "Sustainability in the built environment for climate change mitigation" attempts to address a large palette of issues concerning sustainability and consider their interrelation with regard to climate change.

The previous experience of the organizers, as well as the favorable weather conditions, the city’s and the country’s hospitality and Thessaloniki’s historical background create the environment for a successful event.

The conference is organized by the Laboratory of Building Construction and Building Physics, Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and is part of the SBE18-20 Conference series.

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