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(AG Real Estate) Lamda Development continues with large investments in Belgrade - new complex on slopes of South Boulevard !

On the slopes of Southern Boulevard, at the beginning of summer, it is expected to start construction works on a new housing-business project. Old and inappropriate objects will be removed from the existing building lots and the construction site will be prepared for some serious construction works. Proximity of Autokomanda, an area with a high potential and a lot of new objects of modern external and internal design, proves this project to be predetermined for success. In the next year and a half, a housing-business complex with a total size of around 15.000m2 will appear on a building lot of about 3000m2 in its basis, in the block between Šumatovačka Street and Southern Boulevard. That will be a contribution from a foreign investor Lamda Development to a nicer, more modern and prestigious image of Belgrade. We should mention that this investor has given a mandate to domestic architects to create and finish the project. These are primarily the author of the project, architect Vladimir Luketić, OFFIX contract and the author of the project construction, Aleksandar Trajkovic, B.A. in Civil Engineering, SAM PROJECT BIRO d.o.o.

When we start our way from Autokomanda to Slavija and further on, towards Crveni Krst by a revitalized Southern Boulevard, we come across a part of Vračar municipality which has lately raised great interest. The interest is indicated by a larger number of objects starting to be built at approximately the same time; objects which will change the neighborhood completely. An evident increase in the price of a square meter of housing space for the whole real estate market in Serbia with an estimated 100.000 housing units in demand, represents a good potential for all investors. The stated number of the housing units in demand has not been reducing for years, although there is no area in Belgrade without a building site in the neighborhood. It simply marks the fact that the real estate market in Belgrade and in Serbia has improved and reached a higher phase of development. In the next 3 years at least, we can expect growth in retail prices of a square meter of housing space. However, this growth will be calmed and more balanced but regardless of that, the increase will not be insignificant.

When we talk about projects which are in the preparation phase and are just about to be realized, then an object planned to be built between Šumatovačka Street and Southern Boulevard earns our attention and needs to be presented. Firstly, we need to mention its interior design and exterior composition of the object, then the expected quality of furnishing the object and also the representativeness and recognizable trait of a respected international investor Lamda Development.

Object conception

Flooring of objects in Šumatovačka Street is P + 6 + Pk, whereas on the side of Southern Boulevard, flooring goes to P + 6 + Pk. Spatial concept of the object is formed according to the location and the surroundings characteristics with respect to regulations and volume of the surrounding objects. By its street façade, the object is oriented towards two streets: Šumatovačka Street and Southern Boulevard and by disrupting a continuous front of Southern Boulevard, a view towards the interior of the block is made possible. It is planned to form a horizontal communication through the block which connects Šumatovačka Street and Southern Boulevard creating a representative plateau with greenery. This break through the block has conditioned forming of the object through two main tracts. A left tract of the object, from Southern Boulevard, is based on a construction line matching a border of the building lot and by its orthogonal raster strengthens the volume of the block. A right tract is divided into two masses which touch the opposite edges of the block under different angles and in this way enable forming of the interior yard. By presented differences in terrain leveling, the interior yard is completed by making plateaus of different heights, enriched by greenery. All façades have visually and clearly differentiated the ground floor zone meant for frequent commercial activities, which can be seen in a higher flooring height and absence of balconies in the flooring of the housing space.

Organization of space

This object has a housing, business and garage unit. It is concentrated in 5 flooring parts (A,B,C, D and E) above ground and 3 levels of the underground garage. Vertical communication is done by two-direction gates with a maximum slope of 15% and transitive curves of maximum 5%. A complete number of parking places for vehicles is 110, out of which 91 are planned for the pattern ‘’one apartment – one parking place’’ and 19 places are provided for the purpose of doing business (net P of business = 1157.28m2 , 1 parking place on each 60m2= 19 parking places). Access to the garage and parking lot is controlled.

Within the garage, technical premises are also projected. From the garage, over pre-space, we enter a staircase and lift vertical which enable communication through the object (housing part). A connection between a business part of the object and the garage is separated. All vertical communicational assets are positioned in a reinforced concrete kernel together with installation canals. The ground floor and the first floor from Southern Boulevard are business space and all floors have defined housing units.

Construction, finishing works, installation

The constructive system is framed with reinforced concrete columns and beams, as well as with a prefab AB ceiling. The foundation is tiled. The roof construction is consoled and slant, with internal drainage system.

The façade is a combination of classic fill and structural blinds with vertical bars. There is combined glass in aluminum frame, laminated paneling based on wood, flat panels and for this type of object, common mortar-coated and colored surfaces. Thermal protection of glass façade is secured by applying two-layer isolation glass.

Floors are planned to be made of materials easy for maintenance, representative and non-skid, such as: artificial stone, granite, ceramic tiles, parquet.

In the garage, as well as in technical premises, industrial floor is planned. Ceilings are mortar-coated or lowered due to esthetic and functional reasons. In places where it is necessary, ceilings hide the construction and installation which has been laid on the ceiling. Interior walls (except for those in toilet blocks) are prefab-removable.

As the object is placed on a lot which is an integral part of the city, it is connected to the existing water supply and sewage system. There is also a system for automatic alarm of the fire brigade and the police, TT cables for the computer network are laid, as well as cables for CO2 detection in the garage, alarm system to prevent burglaries, video control, cables for the synchronization and control of work of light signalization.

Lamda Development represents one of the most respected investment companies in Europe and in the world. It has been actively present in Serbia for more than a year by purchasing a location in Vračar and starting development works on it. In the meantime, Lamda Development has become the owner of one of the most prestigious location in Belgrade, near the Belgrade Zoo, almost on a very bank of Danube. There will be a completed real estate complex functioning as hotel, retail, housing and business space.

In the surrounding countries, Lamda Development is present in Montenegro with its project in Budva. The company is also present in Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.

From all major projects which the company has recently realized, Lamda Development is recognizable by the project ‘’Athens Mall’’ with a part of the project called Ilida. Then, there is Mediterranean Cosmos, Golden Hall and Flivos Marina.

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