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2005, New owner of "Fidelinka" - Swiss-Russian Consortium "Mineko" to invest in agricultural complex

``Mineko`` Consortium bought grain-mill company and manufacturer of bread, baked goods and pastas "Fidelinka" on February 25, 2005 for 1,112 CSD per stock and, thus, became majority owner since it purchased 57.61% of capital for €11.5m.

``Mineko`` Consortium is made of the namesake company and two Russian enterprises ``Alysun Marketing`` and ``Mowbray Systems``, with headquarters registered on the Virgin Islands. ``Mineko`` is not unknown in Serbia, it invested in pipe factory in Majdanpek, its fields of interest are mines and agriculture. ``Fidelinka`` is the first company that deals with farming "Mineko" invested in. It expanded its production to farming production - ``Fidelinka`` bought collective farm ``Milivoj Lazin`` from Banatski Aranđelovac with over 4,000 hectares in 2002, through its company ``Fidelinka-kop`` it invested in farming production providing seeds, fuels and artificial fertilizers to the collaborators. In that way, it provided harvest to 1,300 plowmen.

Besides, ``Fidelinka`` has trade network with 22 retail trade facilities, freight-forwarding company that provided good logistics for distribution of its products, wholesale network in all major cities in SCG and Bosnia and Herzegovina. During last few years, besides the sale of 12.5 million loaves of bread and 120 tons of sweets on annual basis, ``Fidelinka`` appeared on the market as a manufacturer of tea biscuits, frozen dough, flour, as well as organic glue. The development program prior to 2010 was designed and it refers to two segments. The first one is significant enhancement of quality of plough and mill products - bread, baked goods and sweets. The other refers to investments for the sake of individual agricultural manufacturers.

``Mineko`` is famous in the world of trade in cereals, which means that ``Fidelinka`` now has chance to establish trade with ``Glencore``, leading company in this field . ``Mineko`` accepted obligation to provide €1.5m worth of credit to ``Fidelinka`` on 10 years with annual interest rate of 2 %, which would be spent on financing of working capital and new investments in development.

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