Source: Tanjug | Friday, 14.08.2020.| 09:53
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NALED Proposes Free Registration of Property for Two Years

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The National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) has proposed to the state to enable the citizens to list their property in the land register for free for two years, so that land registers throughout Serbia would get up-to-date and complete databases after several decades.

In the next three to four years, the decades-old problem of property ownership in Serbia should be solved, considering that numerous pieces of property belonging to the citizens or the state are not listed in the land register, so it's not known who the current owner of certain facilities is, the executive director of the NALED, Violeta Jovanovic, told Tanjug.

– Our proposal is for the issue of property to be solved during the next government's mandate, within the construction sector, which is why we talked with minister Mihajlovic. It is a very complex system, which entails spatial planning, legalization, expropriation and conversion of land rights – Jovanovic said.

She reminds that the procedure of listing property in the land register for all those who are now acquiring or trading property was regulated during the mandate of the current government.

However, there are numerous cases inherited from past decades, which need to be solved and which, as she says, are sometimes rather complicated.

– That is why we are proposing for a two-year campaign of free registration to be carried out, but that, aside from the exemption from the registration fee, the citizens are also provided with legal and professional help in solving the problems pertaining to the parcels and the procedures – said the director of the NALED.

This way, she hopes, the land register could become fully up-to-date in three or four years, with all the procedures regulated.

– In order for this plan to be realized, the concept of e-space, which entails the development of spatial plans electronically, has been defined – Jovanovic explains.

This means that all public enterprises and local self-governments would enter their terms in changing the planning documents to the base simultaneously, electronically, which would, for a start, make all plans updatable in real time.

This, she says, would enable the planning of long-term investment projects, and companies would know which infrastructural works are to be carried out in a given area.

– It would also help further upgrade the land register, of course. Through the e-space system, we plan to support the state, to have these issues addressed, and we hope that, in this mandate, there will be willingness to finally solve this issue – Jovanovic said.
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