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Total credits in Serbia in December higher by 2.5% on a monthly level

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The total corporate, retail and enterprise credits in Serbia amounted to around RSD 2,364 billion at the end of 2018, which is 2.5% higher than in November, announced the Association of Serbian Banks.

Corporate loans amounted to around RSD 1,352 billion in December and are 4.2% higher than in November, whereas enterprise loans amounted to RSD 49.6 billion, a growth by 2% compared to November.

Retail lending grew by 0.3% to around RSD 962.4 billion. Of these, cash loans grew by 1.3%, consumer loans dropped by 0.6%, refinancing loans dropped by 3.1%, farming loans grew by 0.2%, whereas housing loans grew by 0.1%.

The repayment was late for 5.3% of the banking loans at the end of 2018, whereas, a year before, it was 8.7%.

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